Track projects with ease from start to finish

FogBugz works with cases, which can be divided into tasks and subtasks. You can set their priority and assign them to different team members, this way, your whole team will know what they’re working on, and deliver it on time.
All cases contain the necessary information to understand each task, so you can stay productive and with fewer meetings. Each case provides the context you need to understand a task. From priority, due date, to task dependencies and who else is interested in the progress and outcome of a task.

Also, FogBugz notification system keeps you up to date with the latest progress, so you can drop the catchup meetings - and get all the information in one place.
By default, tasks are assigned to a single person - so you know where responsibility lies, and who is working on a task at any one time. When tasks are resolved, they go back to their creator for sign-off. Keep everything on track with pre built workflows and flexible permissions, so team members only see what they need to, and client data is secure.

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