Kanban boards are one of many agile methods of software development in which you visualize your workflow and the actual work you’re doing. The main goal of this method is to improve how the project is executed by identifying potential bottlenecks to fix while optimizing the speed at which your software development project is delivered.

How FogBugz works with Kanban

FogBugz supports kanban methodologies with an easy to use agile development tool that allows you to setup your current workflow and see everything that you and your teammates are working on. You can shift priorities around based on what best fits your team's needs as well as what methods your team uses the most to achieve its goals.This way you can avoid having to constantly re-prioritize items and instead focus on the workflow, allowing you to collect metrics, which will let you analyze the flow at a later time. We help drive continuous improvement by tracking flow, quality, and time, enabling you and your team to work more effectively.

FogBugz comes fully equipped with a kanban board and predefined workflows. Whenever you want to use a kanban board for any milestone, the tool automatically includes all cases for that milestone, so you can easily drag and drop them between the different boards.

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