What is Scrum in
Agile development?


And how FogBugz is the best Scrum
software development tool


Scrum is a popular agile project management methodology where each team member is self organized. Different to the traditional methods, in Scrum the work is completed in 2 to 4 week sprints and delievered as complete shippable components after demonstrating and receiving a sign-off from the product owner.  

Scrum team roles include: the Scrum master, product owner and the development team. The scrum master coaches the team, helping it apply Scrum methodologies, address any issues and be the liason between product owner and the developmen team. The product owner has provided requirements around which the backlog has been built. The product owner is presented a complete component at the end of each sprint which is considered complete only after receiving the the product owner's sign off.

At the end of each sprint the scrum team meets in a sprint planning meeting where, based on priority (set by the product owner), the team decides which features to work on next.

How FogBugz helps you develop great software using Scrum


FogBugz is fully equipped to help you manage agile software development projects using Scrum. Some of the features that help you along the way are:

Iteration planner - Plan your sprints better by moving tasks around so none of your high priority features are left out.

Backlog - Create a product and sprint backlog in FogBugz. Pull tasks from your product backlog that your development team will be working in each sprint. With FogBugz you don't need third party scrum tools to manage your backlog, burn down charts and issue tracking. 

Time tracking - Estimate time on each task and also know how much time is remaining on cases. Generate scheduling reports like burndown charts that take into account work remaining and time to deliver. 

Evidence based scheduling -  Get an accurate shipping date based on developer past performance and historical data. FogBugz gives you a confidence distribution curve, showing the probability that you will ship on any given date.

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