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Launched in 2001 by legendary software developer Joel Spolsky (Founder of  Stack Overflow and Trello), FogBugz is now better than ever. It’s uniquely designed to increase developer velocity and output by minimizing data entry and optimizing processes and workflows.

FogBugz’ features make it one of the best Basecamp alternatives for agile project management. Software development teams love the features FogBugz brings to market. 


FogBugz vs. Basecamp



Features Fogbugz Basecamp
Customizable Workflows Y N
Version Control Y   N  
Cloud and On-premise Y N
Kanban Boards Y N
Bug Tracking Y N
Time Tracking Y N
Task Management Y  Y
Project Estimation (Evidence Based Scheduling) Y N
Email Support Y N
Document Collaboration Y Y
Code Management Y N
Code Review Y N
Built for Agile Development Y N

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Agile Development

FogBugz has been designed to help software development teams manage projects more effectively. You don’t need to make do with Basecamp. Build a backlog with ease, allocate resources within a sprint, and create kanban boards for better tracking.

FogBugz Bug Tracking Kiwi
The founder of Trello and Stackoverflow, Joel Spolsky built FogBugz so development teams could maximize the time spent on creative code writing and minimize the effort in management overhead

Kanban Board View

Kanban boards offer easy visibility into upcoming tasks and allow for easy backlog management. You don’t have to re-enter anything, since all features and bugs are already there to help you build your backlog.


Bug Tracking

FogBugz makes bug capture and entry super easy. Enter only the most critical pieces of information. Bugs may be reported by anyone and can also be created via email, making beta testers and customers some of your best testers!

Version Control

Fogbugz comes with Kiln to ensure your code is always be secure and up to date in real time, and you can oversee and manage projects with ease. 

Any version changes and updates are sent as notifications to keep you informed. A full audit history provides information on who authored, committed and pushed the code in addition to keeping track of changes to events in your FogBugz case. This includes code reviews, number of changes associated with a case, tags, and authors. 

Activity FIlters

FogBugz keeps track of any changes made to your code with activity filters. Changes made to repositories or recent commitments can be monitored across projects. You can also filter various activities based on changes made to a user or project. This allows you to focus on recent changes requiring your attention.

Filter Bugs and Cases View


Time Tracking

With time tracking, you’ll always know how your team’s workload is distributed and what each team member is assigned.

Time tracking and burndown charts reveal how much time has been spent on each task, and what amount of time remains before delivery. At a glance, you’ll know the impact different tasks are having (or could have) on your project delivery. This information is critical to formulating realistic shipping dates you can share with customers. 

Evidence Based Scheduling

One of the most powerful and unique features in FogBugz is Evidence Based Scheduling (EBS). EBS helps teams build brand reliability by helping create realistic project plan forecasts based on collected historical data of prior similar projects. Historical time-tracking data feeds back into your current scheduling projections in order to better inform those projections over time. The result is not just one ship date, but rather a “confidence distribution curve” that shows the probability of shipping on any given date. EBS is perfect for formulating realistic estimates as it also takes into account factors like holidays and vacation time. 


Scrum Boards and Iteration Planning

FogBugz is fully equipped to help you manage agile software development projects using Scrum. Plan better sprints, make sure high priority features aren’t left out,  and easily build your backlog by dragging and dropping tasks between iterations.

Bug Tracking Backlog Screenshot



"Having the customer communication together with feature requests and bugs, was really useful so we could communicate with our customer. FogBugz is reliable, well-tested, well-used. It’s a solution that has worked for us." 
CEO of Rogue Amoeba

Start now with a developer friendly bug tracking tool!

First 14 days are on us. No credit card required.